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Neurofeedback EEG Services

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Neurofeedback EEG is a cutting edge technology in mental health, that uses the brain’s ability to recognize its own frequency to make changes to how it regulates and functions. Research has shown that Neurofeedback EEG can be as effective a treatment as medication in ADHD clients. It has also been shown to treat clients with PTSD, and treat the trauma directly rather than causing the client to relive the traumatic experience in talk therapy.

Neurofeedback Specialties

Autism: I have a son who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3.  During that time, ABA therapy was not widely available as it is today. A colleague of mine introduced us to Neurofeedback and what it could do for my son. Within a few sessions, he had an increased vocabulary, and an increase in empathy. As a result, I got the necessary training, and began to treat him. Within two months, his behavior had a complete turnaround at his school.

I understand what it is like to have a child with some of these challenges, and my hope is that I can offer you those same results for your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Sleep: Lack of sleep is one of the biggest contributors to poor mental health. Neurofeedback treatment has the potential to increase a client’s physical calming, and help them get better, more quality sleep. The brain wave that this Neurofeedback software uses is directly tied to the Delta wave, which is a sleep and decision making brain wave. Client’s who have issues with sleep can often see results within a few sessions, though between 10-20 is usually recommended for treating sleep issues like insomnia, or restless sleep.

ADHD: I have successfully treated many clients who are looking for ADHD treatment without medication. Some of the research on the effectiveness of Neurofeedback on ADHD can be found here. At least 20 sessions are recommended for ADHD treatment, depending on the type and severity of symptoms. An increase in focus, a reduction in distractability, and reduced hyperactivity are all part of the work that I have done with children and adults who suffer from ADHD.
Neurofeedback training was obtained through the Othmer Institute, a leader in Neurofeedback Research and Innovation.

Click the image to visit EEGInfo.com, where there is a full FAQ on Neurofeedback.

Want a free consultation to answer your questions about Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback EEG treatment is a self-pay only service. If you want to receive the maximum results from Neurofeedback, I recommend at least 20 sessions, depending on the severity of the symptoms you wish to treat.

Service Fees

Individual Session: $150

10 Session Package: $1300 – ($130/Session)

20 Session Package: $2200 – ($110/Session)

I would be more than happy to talk to you more about it in person, answer your questions, and determine if Neurofeedback is right for you. You can set up a one time free consultation here.

Discount available to Active Duty Military and Military Veterans.

Jim talks about how to prepare for your first Neurofeedback session

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