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Online Telehealth Counseling Available

At New Hope Counseling, we understand the need to keep yourself quarantined during this time of uncertainty. However, we also understand the need to leave the house and go somewhere due to having “cabin fever.”

If you would like to engage in telehealth services, and you’re a new client to New Hope Counseling, feel free to Download and fill out the intake packet. Then set up an appointment using the Online Scheduler, and select “Telehealth and Online Counseling.” These services should be covered by your insurance plan, just as any other counseling session would be.

If you are a new client and would like to come in for an in person appointment, you can also set up a session using the Online Scheduler. Please list in the memo section your reason for an in person session. We will be sure to contact you and make sure that the office environment is safe and clean for your next visit.

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