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Are Mobile Devices Ruining Family Bonding?

Image From the HeraldChronicle.ca


How did it come to this? When we were sold the idea of smartphones, we were told it would be a wonderful thing! They would simplify our lives, and bring us closer together. After all, there are apps to help keep you connected with your family and friends! Photo apps, texting apps, game apps! All of them designed to make things better for your life. Heck, even the photo ads that the cell phone companies put out there show happy families together, enjoying their mobile devices, with exquisite smiles on their faces.

Sadly, what’s happened is that more and more, families are ignoring each other as a result of having the entire internet and a computer tucked away inside their pocket. Children at 11-12 are starting to demand smartphones to maintain the status quo inside their classrooms. To some degree, parents prefer their children to have these devices, as it gives them a  reprieve, and allows them to (surprise, surprise!) go play on their smartphones too.

A recent study at Boston Medical Center shows that 40 out of 55 parents observed largely ignored their children while at dinner because of their smartphone usage. It seems that we can’t put these things down to engage with the human race on a real level. I’m guilty of it as well, and after reading this chilling study, I’ve decided to unplug a bit more, and really think about what I want to teach my children going forward. If I teach them that its normal for me to ignore them, can I really expect them to not ignore me when they get older?

Just something to think about.

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