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Welcome To New Hope Counseling Online!

New Hope Counseling has been helping adults, children, couples and families with a listening ear and a heart for service for over 20 years. During that time, we have helped many find the peace and validity they are looking for, as well as the tools they need to move forward with courage and hope.

Our staff is a small group of caring professionals whose passion and goal is to provide a safe place for encouragement, empathy and emotional growth.

While we are a Christian Counseling practice, we respect others’ beliefs and do not discriminate or judge anyone, regardless of their worldview, beliefs or religion. We will only provide Christian Counseling to clients those who seek it.

Our Specialties

– Christian Counseling                – Marriage and Couples Counseling

– Child and Adolescent Counseling                – Anxiety Management

– Women’s Issues and Trauma                                  – Men’s Issues

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