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Neurofeedback EEG Services

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Neurofeedback EEG is a cutting edge technology in mental health, that uses the brain’s ability to recognize its own frequency to make changes to how it regulates and functions. Research has shown that Neurofeedback EEG can have the same effects to the brain as medication in ADHD clients. It has also been shown to treat clients with PTSD, and treat the trauma directly rather than causing the client to relive the traumatic experience in talk therapy.

New Hope is proud to be offering this new technological treatment as a means of treating these symptoms. For more information on treatment options*, you can set up an appointment, or contact us at 508-626-1330.

(New Hope Counseling is not affiliated with CenterForBrain.com, but their explanation of Neurofeedback is one of the best we’ve seen!)

*Neurofeedback EEG treatment is a self-pay only service.